Safety first

Mine mesh ensures the safety of your miners. Our welded mesh provides superior rigidity and is easier to install than chain-link mesh. It can also be used with shotcrete as the spaces in the mesh are small, allowing the shotcrete to penetrate behind the grid.

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Construction And Engineered Wire

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Optimal reinforcement solutions

Designed to meet the evolving needs of the industries we serve, our engineered wire mesh cuts labour costs and time spent on site. In addition to reduced cycle times for slab casting, our construction mesh can provide improved stress transfer to concrete, reduced crack widths, and cleaner finished surfaces, thanks to closer spacings and thinner bars.

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Purpose engineered welded wire solutions

Whether you need a specialized manufacturer that understands your requirements or need help defining your requirements, our dedicated team of industry experts will work with you to deliver your projects efficiently. From bridges and tunnels to storm traps and culverts, we are experts in all structural concrete reinforcement.

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Livestock farming solutions

Our welded wire mesh is used in a variety of agricultural applications, such as reinforcing precast concrete slats for livestock.

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Looking to reinforce your construction projects with the best in the industry?

Look no further than Numesh Concrete Reinforcement. Take the first step towards building stronger, more durable structures by getting in touch with our expert team.

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