alain-roy-presidentAlain Roy
President and Chief Development Officer
numesh-charlesCharles Thibault
Operating Officer, National Managing Director
numesh-joseeJosée Pizzardi
Vice President - Finance
numesh-jean-michelJean-Michel Blais
Engineering Director
numesh-jean-francoisJean-Francois Thibault
Vice President - HR and Administration
numesh-marianneMarianne Vallières
Health and Safety Director
numesh-eric-blanchard-newEric Blanchard
National Sales Manager
numesh-jean-francois-beaupres-newJean-François Beaupré
Commercial Operations Manager
numesh-philippe-massePhilippe Massé
Plant Manager, Laval
hristopher-Dekker-numeshChristopher Dekker
Plant Manager, Ontario
annie-touchetteAnnie Touchette
Head of Marketing


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