Innovative Solutions in Welded Wire Reinforcement

Founded in 1975, Numesh is the largest Canadian manufacturer of welded steel wire and wire mesh for concrete reinforcement. Numesh wire mesh is used in construction projects and a variety of concrete products such as: floor slabs, structural slabs, concrete pipes, concrete footings and foundations, architectural precast panels, brackets, slabs on bridges, gutters, prefabricated segments of tunnels, bridge beams, Jersey barriers and concrete roads.

Numesh also manufactures an innovative range of structural WWR mesh, considerably reducing assembly and set-up time, as opposed to the traditional steel reinforcement products. All mesh and wire products are in accordance with and exceed the strict manufacturing ASTM1064 standard.

Our production and storage capacity of wire mesh sheets and rolls, in standard sizes or according to customer specifications, guarantees exceptional service.

Numesh operates a 150,000 ft² factory and a 500,000 ft² warehouse in Laval. The company is known for the flexibility of its operations, its products, its superior quality service as well as its technical expertise.

Press release
Aliston inc., a private investment company based in Montreal announces the acquisition of Numesh Inc., Canada’s leader in the manufacturing of welded steel wire and wire mesh designed for concrete reinforcement. The transaction took place on April 7, 2017.

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